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Shoutbox Tutorials

Senin, 30 April 2012

Get your own free shoutbox in two steps

A free shoutbox can be placed on your blog or website. Your visitors can use it to chat with you and other visitors at the same time. This is a great interactive add-on that makes your visitors coming back for more. Give our free chat a try and see how it performs. Copy and paste HTML Code into your website!

Copy and paste shoutbox HTML Code

Shoutbox is ready to use! To install your new shoutbox (or better tagboard) just copy and paste this HTML Code into the source code of your webpage. No registration required!

Your visitors have awesome ideas

Use a widget to get connected with your visitors! Harness the ideas of your visitors. They have a lot of comments. Are you ready to listen? Build amazing websites! Our free widgets are the easiest way to get feedback for every single page.


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